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Wednesday 24th June

Spend 10 minutes on each website below:

TT Rockstars       -                                                                            

Spelling Shed   -

Mathletics -



We are continuing with addition today, the questions are a bit trickier - work through them as well as you can and remember to post on the blog if you are struggling.


The link below takes you to the Year 3 page on the school website. If you scroll down you will be able to see some videos showing you how to work out some addition questions using column addition.





Make a glossary of sea-themed words, including vocabulary from the book's title and blurb (e.g. flotsam, floating, ashore, barnacle).




Use descriptive sentences to describe pictures from Flotsam and of the animals in the document below. Share your sentences on the blog

Guided Reading


Take one of the animals from the text and write a short character description about them, using some if the facts in the text to help you create a realistic character. You could draw a picture after.