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Morning Work

Please practise the Year 1 spellings.



Watch the story again  ‘The Rainbow Fish'

Please answer the questions in your blue book. 

1. Where does the Rainbow Fish live?

2. Why do you think he was called a Rainbow Fish?

3. Who chases the Rainbow Fish?

4. Who lived in the deep cave?

5. Who does the Rainbow Fish give his first scale too?

6. Why was the Rainbow Fish happy at the end of the story?



Starter-Practise counting 5p coins.  How many have you got altogether?

Choose a 2-digit number below. Can you partition it into tens and ones?

78       23       34      67      99       12       67     

For example  45 =  4 tens and 5 ones     I I I I ooooo


Phonics/ Reading

Share a book together.

How many different words can you think of with the oa special friend? For example goat, boat.

Write the words into sentences. 



Use google earth to find your house and the school. Can you make a map of your route to school? What do you travel past on your way? Can you add labels?


Have a great day!

Miss Shaw and Miss Hopkins