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Oops, some of our words have got a little mixed up.  

Can you work out what the word should be and spell it correctly? 




Today we are going to think about our describing words. 


What adjectives (describing words) would you use to describe this octopus? 



Now can you use those words to write sentences about the octopus? 



  • Capital letter
  • Finger spaces
  • Adjective
  • Full stop



The octopus has got long pointy tentacles.





Work out the answer to each of these questions and see if the answer is correct or not.  If it is not correct, what should the answer be? 





Today you are going to use the work that you have done over this week to answer these questions. 


  • Read the questions carefully
  • Know what it is asking you to do
  • Underline the important parts
  • Use your work from this week on finding half to help you. 
  • Answer the question


Guided Reading. 


This week, you are going to pick the books / texts you read. 


Choose a book each day and write a review on the book. 


Say what it is about, what you like about it and if you would recommend it to your friends. 


Use the templates below to help you.  You could use one for all your reviews or use a different one each day.