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Use out different ways of writing the words to practise the spelling of each one. 

Any that you find tricky, use these in a sentence. 


Below are our different ways to remind you and this week's words. 



Today you are going to have a go at writing your own Haiku. You learnt yesterday about the features and you are going to use these to help you today. 


Watch the video to help you. 

Yun and the Ice Spirit

Why did Yun stare at the old man? 


Choose an ending to the sentence.  Explain how you know. 




Today we are going to find the change. 


This is similar to finding the difference. 


We are finding the difference between how much money we start with and how much we have spent. 





If we count up the coins, we know that she started with 70p


If she spends 45p, the shopkeeper will take this away from her money.  

We can do the same. 


70p - 45p (that she has spent).  This will tell us how much change the shopkeeper gives her or how much money she is left with. 


70p - 45p = 25p.  Her change is 25p. 


Use your take away (subtraction) skills to help you with the following questions: