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Today, we are going to practise reading and writing each of our spelling words. 


  • Read the first word
  • Roll a dice
  • Check what number it lands on
  • Follow the instructions for that number with that word
  • Read the next word and repeat


Guided Reading


Yesterday, you picked out some words that you weren't sure of. 


Today, I would like you to look up these two words.  They are a little tricky and I would like to know what they mean. 


Put your meanings on the blog so I can see what you have found out. 


Surface - _____________________________________________



Trench - _____________________________________________




You have now asked some questions about crabs and learnt some facts by watching the video. 


Today, we are going to see what else we can learn about crabs. 


Read the fact file below and then answer the questions. 


What was your favourite fact?



Today we are going to try and find some missing numbers. 


12 - __ = 8


We can see that we started with 12 and we took a number away to leave us with 8.

What number did we take away? 

How can we find out? 




We can turn this question around.  

We can take away the answer and it will leave the number in the middle. 


Try this with these questions below. 


15  -  ___ = 4            try       15 - 4 =       Now put the answer into the missing space and check it works.



18  -  ___ = 5            try       18 - 5 =       Now put the answer into the missing space and check it works.


Now try these questions below:




For our topic this week we are going to look at Scarborough. 


Read through the slides below. 


You will see lots of pictures of Scarborough. 

For each picture, write down 3 things that you see / notice. 


Use the mind map below to help organise your ideas, or you can create your own mind map.