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Now, you have looked at a few of the words and drawn what they are, we are going to make sure that we know what ALL of the words are today. 


Ask a grown up to help you with the meaning of each word, or look them up in a dictionary or on the internet. 

Use the sheet below to help you. 


Guided Reading


You have looked through the text yesterday and picked out any words you were unsure of. 


Today, I want to make sure that you know the meaning of these two words. 

Look them up or ask a grown up.  Then see if you can use them in your own sentence. 

I have added the text again below to help you. 




Today you are going to use your plan and your story map to write the first part of your story. 


Use your Capital Letters, Finger Spaces and Full Stops to write the first part of the story. 


Tell me: 

Who is your character?

Where do they go?

What food do they bring? 

Where do they start to eat it?


Don't go any further for today. 

Put your beginnings on the blog so that we can all read them. 




Draw the shape and put the correct name next to it. 


Today in our maths we are going to look at finding a missing number. 


What do we know about this calculation?


__ + 7 = 11


We know that the big number will be 11. 


We also know that we have added 7 on. 


So, using the facts above, we can work backwards to find the missing number. 




Now try these questions below. 



  • Use what you know
  • Find the answer
  • Take off the number that has been added on
  • Find the missing number. 




This week in Topic, we are thinking more about the seaside, but thinking what it used to look like in Victorian times. 


Take a look at the slideshow below to show ou some of the similarities and differences. 

Use the information you have learnt and the pictures to help you decide: 


What was at the Seaside in the past

What we have at the seaside now

What we had before and we still have now 


You can cut out and print the pictures or draw them on.