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WC 13.07.2020

 This week we will be continuing to think about moving to year 1. 

Don't forget if you have any worries or questions about year 1 your grown ups can email us on 

There is no set order to complete these activities so have a look through the activities below and decide which one you want to do each day. 

Can you create a self portrait? You can use colours, felt tips, paint, chalk, pastels or collage. 

Your new teachers in year 1 would like you to create a portrait of yourself that can go on the wall in your new classroom. This is your chance to show off your fantastic art skills Reception! 

Can you write a letter to your new teacher?

You can include anything you want your teacher to know about you. You might want to tell them who your friends are, what you like to do at school and what you would like to learn about in year one. 

Do you know your family history? Can you create a family tree to show your new teacher your family?

Do you have any questions you would like to ask your new class teacher? 

You can post your questions on the blog or email them to and we can pass them on to your new teacher.