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Download the Beebot app from the app store

(should be fine on all iPad’s / android tablets and phones) 


The link to the apple version is below:


Use the app to help you write some directions from the kitchen to the bedroom?

Or from the fridge to the tv?



Images from the Bee-Bot App



What do Christians believe God is like?


Watch this video about "The Story of Jonah" then answer the questions below.




1. What did God want Jonah to do?

2. What did Jonah do?

3. Why didn't Jonah want to go to Nineveh?

4. What happened when Jonah was thrown overboard?

5. How many days was Jonah inside the fish?

6. Give an example of how we are like Jonah sometimes.

7. Give an example of how someone might try to hide from God.

8. What does God want us to do when we do something wrong?

9. What does God do when we are sorry and ask for forgiveness?



Think about all the things we discussed in school about babies.

What do babies need? 

How do we look after babies? 

How do babies survive? 



  • Think about an animal, a pet! 
  • What animal is it? 
  • Research the animal to find out what kinds of things it needs and how to look after it.
  • Create a leaflet on how to look after your pet. 

Use this example of Biscuit to help you.



How to look after your pet: Biscuit the Cavapoo



Before we started working from home, we were learning the Thriller Dance. 

I have broken this down so that we can learn a little bit each week. 


This week I would like you to remind yourself of what we have already learnt. 


Watch the Video and follow the steps. 


I will add the next part on each week for you to learn and then we can add it all together. 

Thriller Dance -Part 1

Still image for this video