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WB 06.04.20

Easter Activities for Week 1

Myself and Miss Hopkins have put together some fun activities for you to try this week.  We will be having a go at some of these activities over Easter. We would love to see all the fun Easter activities you have done over on our blog.


  1. Easter Egg Hunt - Can you draw and decorate 12 Easter Eggs on paper. When you have finished cut them out. Ask a grown up to help you with this. Then you can hide them around the house or in the garden for your grown-ups or brothers or sisters to find.
  1. Design a Cross – Ask a grown up to draw a cross for you. Then use some colours to design it however you like.
  1. The Easter Story – Click on the link and listen to the Easter story. Then tell your grown up what happened.


  1. Make an Easter Card – Fold a piece of A4 paper in half and make an Easter card for your grown up or someone in your house.
  1. Make an Easter chick – Use a toilet roll tube and cut it in half (ask a grown up to do this for you) Colour your chick in yellow and draw on the face. Then stick the 2 pieces together. Look at the picture below to help you.