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Tuesday 9th June

Spend 10 minutes on each website below:

TT Rockstars       -                                                                            

Spelling Shed   -

Mathletics -





LLook at the pictures on the document.


Now, write a paragraph prediction – what could the story be about? Add your prediction paragraph to the blog.
The documents above give you the properties of 2D shapes - most you will know from Year 2 but we thought you might need reminding. Once you have read through them and feel confident, have a go at completing the tasks below. 

Answers to recognising 2D shapes



We are going to have a go at carrying on with our forces topic, in particular magnets. This is really difficult to do when we're not in school but we've found some things that will help!


First, go onto the 2 websites below, there's a couple of video clips and some information to read. Have a go at the quiz as well! 


EXT: Do you have a magnet at home (a fridge magnet will do!) Can you find magnetic materials? If you don’t have any magnets at home, find things that might be magnetic, then add them to the blog and see if anyone else from Year 3 can test them for you! Don't forget to share your findings!