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Carrying on with our o_e words this week.....


Unscramble the letters that are in the wrong order to make one of our spelling words. 


Then, use each word to finish off a sentence. Write the sentences out in full using your best handwriting.

Guided Reading


Read the information sheet below about the seaside.

Underline any words you don't understand.


What would you like to learn about the seaside in the past?

Write down some questions.



Read to the end of the story in the video below.


The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

Still image for this video

Who are the characters we have learnt about in the story? 

Who are they? 

What are their names? 

What do they do? 

What do we know about them? 


Use the sheets below to help you. 


Draw the character and then write down what you know about them



Today we are going to practise our comparing of numbers. 


Use what you learnt yesterday to help you answer this question. 



  • Charlie is a greedy crocodile and likes to eat the bigger number. 
  • This can be a calculation (2 numbers together) or a single number
  • Tens are worth more than ones so we use these to help us first. 




In PSHCE this week, we are going to look again at an online lesson. 


This week we are going to be thinking about how we have been feeling during lockdown and being at home.

We will think about what we have enjoyed and create a feelings jar, filled with all of the things that have made us happy, which might help others feel better about their experience.



This week for PE we are going to try some Yoga. 

We are going to do this by listening to a story and doing the actions to match. 


Watch the video carefully and follow along. 


Stella the Stick Insect A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!-1.mp4

Still image for this video