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Today, make sure you log onto your spelling shed and practise your spellings.


Have a look at the activity below. Look at the beginning and end of each word.  Can you match them together to make one of our spellings for this week?

Guided Reading


Read the information sheet below. 


Was your prediction correct?  What is the information about? 


What words did you find tricky? 

Underline any words that you don't understand and ask a grown up what they mean or find out what they mean. 







Read through this next set of words.  Which ones did you find tricky? 


Today, pick your favourite 6 words. Draw a picture to show these words and then write a sentence about your picture. 

See if you can find the words in these word searches. Choose which one you would like to do.

Maths - Starter

Watch the video below to help you count forwards and backwards to 100. 


Can you do this on your own without stopping?

Count to 100, forwards and backwards, beginning with 0 Y1 Number and Place Value Counting.mp4

Still image for this video



Use the hundred square below. 


Find one of the numbers and circle it.  Then find the next number.  what are the next numbers in the sequence. 


Remember the numbers might get larger or smaller. 



If we start at 28, then count to 29. What comes next?          Did you find 30? What comes after that? 


Find 98, then 97, then 96..... What is the next number?        Did you find 95, then 94?  

What is the number that came before 98?  Clue - the number is a larger number. 



Now try these ones on your own. 




For PE this week, we are going to try something a little different. 


Watch the video at the link below to watch Manchester United and England superstar Marcus Rashford deliver a very special PE lesson.



This week, we are going to try some online learning about how can play together whilst staying apart. 


Follow this link to find out more and complete the lesson.