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Phonics / Spelling

Guided Reading


Yesterday, we looked at a picture from the story and you thought about what might be happening. 


Today, read the text below: 


She pulled herself up with shaking arms and stepped inside.  The floor was baking hot.  She walked on, deeper into the earth, deeper than the moonlight went and heard nothing but silence, and saw nothing, but dark rocks.


Rough barren walls rose to left and right; she felt them with her hands.  Then the tunnel opened out into a great cavern.  She had never seen anything so gloomy.  Her heart sank, because she had come all this way and there was nothing here.


What words do you not know? 

What words are tricky? 


Find these words and look up what they mean or ask a grown up. 



In this lesson, we are going to be finding the meaning of key words in Chapter One of the Firework Maker’s Daughter (written by Philip Pullman and published by Puffin Books). You will need a piece of paper and a pencil.


Follow the link below to take you to the online learning. 




Today, we will be discussing what symmetry is. We will identify lines of symmetry within shapes.


Follow the link to take you to the lesson.