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Tuesday 21st April

Spend 10 minutes on each website below:

TT Rockstars       -                                                                           

Spelling Shed   -

Mathletics -



It's time for a new science unit - this time we are learning all about forces! 


First , can you create a poster showing everything you know about forces - not googling or looking at the knowledge organiser yet! Just have a go at making one with what you know already. You can add these to the blog to show us!


Once you have completed your poster, you can now open your knowledge organiser!


Have a look through it and think of anything you would like to find out- you can post questions onto the blog!

Finally, can you start to collect some items - we'll need them for some investigations we can all do at home over the next couple of weeks!


Plastic bottles -  at least 4, no more than 8 (they can be different sizes such as water bottles, milk bottles etc)

Material - this could be crisp packets, food wrappers, bubble wrap, cardboard, anything!