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Good Morning! 



Today we are going to look at compound words. 

Watch the video to help you understand what a compound word is. 


Grammar - Compound Words.mp4

Still image for this video

Compound words are words that are made up of 2 different words. 

Sometimes a word has 2 beats (syllables) but is only one word. 


For example:

Backstroke has 2 beats 'back' and 'stroke' and each word has its own meaning. This is a compound word

Pillow has 2 beats 'pil' and 'low' but they are not words on their own, it is just one word. This is NOT a compound word. 


See if you can find the compound words below...




Yesterday, we looked at different describing word (adjectives). 

Today we are going to put those describing words into full sentences. Use the table you made yesterday to help you. 



The yellow ruler is on the table. 

The plastic ruler is used to measure things.

The ruler on the table is straight and long. 


Now, put your words into full sentences. Remember to use Capital Letters and Full Stops. 


Here is the picture to help remind you.



Yesterday we looked at telling the time to o'clock and half past. 


Today we are going to practise this. Use the template below or things you have at home to make your own clock. Be careful where you put the numbers. 


Then use your new clock to make the times below:


half past 8

seven o'clock

ten o'clock

half past 4

2 o'clock

half past 6



Try out this workout today: