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Please log into Mathletics and complete the assigned activities. Remember your login is stuck in  your blue work book or your reading diary.


Starter-  How many words can you think of with the ing suffix? For example, shouting Make a list.


Watch the story below. Were your predictions yesterday correct?

Can you answer the questions below in full sentences?


1.  Who was baking in the kitchen?

2. Why did the lady put on her oven gloves?

3.  What did the gingerbread man do when she opened the oven?

4. Who did the gingerbread see first?

5.  How does the fox trick the gingerbread man?

6. How does the story end?

7. What did you like about the story?



Starter-  Draw the numbers below using tens and ones. For example 47   I I I I  ooooooo


92      56       23      17     84      35

Which is the biggest? How do you know?

Which is the smallest?


Today we are going to follow,

Summer Term – Week 3 (w/c 4th May)   Lesson 2 - Fact families - linking addition and subtraction.

Watch the video to learn out more about fact families.


Can you write 4 number sentences for each of the set of numbers?

For example, 10    12       2             10 + 2 = 12       2 +10=12      12-2=10       12-10=2


Try these:

16     20     4

17     3    20

2      11   9

15     5    10


Phonics/ Reading

Share a book together.

Today we are going to focus on the long ue sound. Watch the video to find out more about the sound.

Write the words to match the pictures then write a sentence with each.



Try this workout:



Muslims across the country are taking part in something called Ramadan. 

Look at the information on this website to learn more.

Tell someone in your family what Ramadan means.


Hope you have a great day!


Miss Shaw and Miss Hopkins