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Maths - Starter - 10 times tables

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Yesterday we looked at comparing Mass (weight).  We looked at whether things were heavier or lighter than others and the questions used the comparing balance scales to help you. 


Today we are going to look at weighing the mass. 


If you have some scales at home....

  1. Make sure they are set to grams (g) and see if you can place items on the scale and see how much they weigh. 
  2. Can you now order these items from the lightest to the heaviest? 
  3. What was the lightest item you could find?
  4. What was the heaviest?


Now look at these scales below...... Use the scale to tell you how much each item weighs. 

Put the items in order. 


Now have a look at these questions below - Take care when reading the scales



Guided Reading

Using the text for this week, answer these questions.