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Mo has done something wrong here..... What have they done wrong? 

If you're not sure, go back to yesterday's lesson and look at the note to remember! 

Measuring in m


Yesterday, we looked at measuring in centimetres (cm). Centimetres are quite a small measurement and we can use them for measuring small items such as pencils, or remote controls. 


What happens when we want to measure a really big item? Like the length of a room, or the garden? 

For this, we use a measurement called metres.  

1 metre is made up of 100cm.

So, rather than counting in 100cm, 200cm, 300cm.... 

We can just count 1m, 2m, 3m...


You may not have a metre stick in your house, so if you can find a tape measure use this. 

Find the point at 100cm....... this is 1m. 


Today we are going to use this measure to see if you can find objects that are larger / smaller than 1m. 


You can measure lengths across (rooms, gardens, furniture)


You can measure the height os something (doors, fences)


Use the sheet below to record your answers.