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Good Morning Year 1,

Here are some activities we would like you to complete today.


Mental Maths

Please log into Mathletics and complete the assigned activities. Remember your login is stuck in your blue work book or your reading diary.



Listen to and watch the story ‘The Room on the Broom’

Draw and label the characters in the story then write sentences to describe them. For example, The witch has a black hat and a brown small wart on her nose.



Practise counting in 5s

Now try this Maths challenge:

Ben has 10 sweets, they are red, blue and green. How many of each colour could he have?

For example, Ben could have 4 red sweets, 1 blue sweet and 5 green sweets because they add together to equal 10.          4 + 1 + 5 = 10

How many different ways can you find? Use some counting objects to help you.


Reading/ Phonics

Share a book together

Practise reading the real and nonsense words on the dragons den game.



Use google earth         

Can you find the places below?

Our school

Your house

St Johns Church

Victoria Park in Clayton

B & M in Clayton

What other things can you spot?


Have a good day blush

Miss Hopkins and Miss Shaw