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Good Morning Year 1,

 Here are some activities we would like you to complete today.

Morning Work

Please log into Mathletics and complete the assigned activity. Remember your login is stuck in in your blue work book or your reading diary.



Starter- Add the ed suffix to these words,   shout     play    want  wish    jump walk.  

This week we are going to be learning about sharks.  What would you like to learn about them? Can you write down some questions you would like to find out about sharks? For example, What do sharks eat?

Remember to start your question with a capital letter and end it with a question mark (?)




Maths- Halving  

Go to   

Find  Lesson 5 - Find a half (2) and watch the video.

Complete the questions below into your blue exercise book. 

Phonics/ Reading

Share a book with an adult


Starter- quick write words with special friend ie-a fried pie. 

Today we are focusing on the special friend igh- fly high

Watch the video

Can you make a list of words with the igh special friend? For example night. 

Can you write the words into sentences?




Practise writing these words in your best handwriting   here   her    his    how   



Go to

Choose some of the dance videos, can you follow them? 


Have a good day.