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Can you match the beginning of the word to the end? 


When you have matched all the words, choose 3 and write sentences for these 3 words. 




Some of our sentences have got a little muddled up.  

Can you help us to re-arrange them?

How would we do this? 

What clues would we use? 


We know that capital letters go at the beginning of the sentence so we can put the word 'They' at the beginning. 





We also know that full stops go at the end of sentences so we can put the word 'ocean.' with its full stop at the end. 


They                            ocean.


Then we can use the other words. 

We can move them around until we get a sentence that makes sense. 


  • They in the live ocean. 
  • They the live in ocean.
  • They live in the ocean.
  • They the in live ocean.


Which one do you think is correct?


Now, can you sort out these sentences so they make sense? 







Can you fill in the missing numbers.  Use the pattern to help you. 





We are going to use the work that we did yesterday on finding half to help us today. 


We are going to find half of a number.  

This is the same as finding half of a shape. 

We are still splitting it into 2 equal parts. 



Here we have 4 counters.  We are going to find half of 4.  On the right, I have split the page into 2 equal parts. 



We are going to share out the counters.  'One for you', then 'one for you' until all the 4 counters have been shared out. 



Now all the counters have been shared out.  When we have done this we need to check each part to make sure that they are the same.  You can see here that each part has got 2 counters, they are the same. 



To find the answer, we have to find one of the halves.  Once we know that they are the same, we then find out how many is in one of the parts. Here you can see that we have circled one of the parts and we have circled 2 counters.   So, half of 4 = 2. 


Now see if you can follow these tips to help you with these questions: 



Guided Reading. 


This week, you are going to pick the books / texts you read. 


Choose a book each day and write a review on the book. 


Say what it is about, what you like about it and if you would recommend it to your friends. 


Use the templates below to help you.  You could use one for all your reviews or use a different one each day.