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Today we are looking at 2 different sounds. 

  • When the letters 'or' make the 'er' sound
  • When the letters 'ar' make the 'or' sound. 

Sort the words below into the two different sounds. 




Today we are continuing with our work on our poem. 


Today we are going to look at the features of a Haiku and see what this is in more detail. 


Follow the link to take you to the lesson. 



Yun and the Ice Spirit

Why does the Ice Spirit want to kill the girl? 


Choose words to finish the sentence and write the sentence. 




Why was Yun afraid to dive in?




Today we are going to be looking at finding the difference between two amounts. 


What is the difference?

What does it mean? 


It means how much is different between two numbers. 



2     and     5       have a difference of 3. 


To get from 2 to 5, we count on 3 more      


2        +1 = 3             +1 = 4             +1 = 5


That is a difference of 3





12  to    27 has a difference of 15. 


Count on from 12 to 27.

How many did you count on?

You should have counted on 15 times.

If you try this on a number line you will make 15 jumps. 


Therefore, they have a difference of 15. 




Here we have 2 people with different amounts of money. 




Teddy has   34p                                              Annie has 74p


What is the difference? 

How much more does Annie have? 


We can count on, but the numbers are a little big.  How else can we do this? 


We can start with Annie's amount and take away Teddy's amount. 

That will tell us how much is left over.  

The amount left over is the difference between the two amounts. 


74p - 34p = 40p.     


So the difference between teddy and Annie is 30p. 



Have a look at this question to explain more. 



If we start with 58p       and we take away the 23p       that will leave us with the question mark.

It will tell us how much is left. It will tell us what the difference is. 


58p - 23p = 35p. 


Now have a go at the questions below.