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Spend 10 minutes on each of these websites:


TT Rockstars: 

Spelling Shed:




We are going to try and fit all of our words into a wordle. Just as we have done before, use the words and letters already there to join on the other words. 

Guided Reading


For Guided Reading this week I want us to think about the saying 'you should never judge a book by it's cover'. 


Look at the front cover of the book below. 

Think about the following: 

  • Is it fiction or non-fiction? 


  • If it is Fiction,
    • Who is it about? 
    • Who are the characters?
    • What will happen?
    • Where will they go? 
    • Do you think it is a book you would like to read?


  • If it is non-fiction, 
    • What is it about? 
    • What will it tell you?
    • Who might it be about? 
    • What would you learn from it? 
    • It is a book you would like to read? 



Then, see if you can write a paragraph that you think would be inside the book. 


  • if it is a story book, write part of the story
  • if it is an information (non-fiction) book, tell me some facts that you think will be in the book (you may have to do some research)



Today, you will be looking at making inferences. 


We have done lots of this in our Guided Reading. 

An inference is thinking about what we know, that the text does not directly say, by making a good guess. 

We call it 'reading between the lines'


Follow the link below for today's lesson. 



Today we are going to look at how to rotate shapes. 


Don't forget all the language you have looked at before.


Follow the link below.