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Knowledge Organiser


Here is our knowledge organiser for our new topic this term - Near and Far. 

Activity 1


To locate the countries in Europe

Watch this you video and see if you can use the key to label the map.


COUNTRIES OF EUROPE for Kids - Learn European Countries Map with Names.mp4

Still image for this video

Activity 2


To describe my local area and use aerial maps to give directions 


Look at these photographs.  You should recognise these from your local area.

Where are these photographs taken from?

Are these places/buildings near/far away from school/ from your home?

Where Do I live?


What is our local area called and what do we know about where we live?  

Make a mind map of what you know about the local area.

How do you travel?


Now think about how you travel to different places where you live.  

How would you get to school or the park?


This is a map of Clayton Village 

Use the picture below or go to the website to use Google Maps




Can you recognise different places on the map such as where you live, B and M’s and school?




Using the map, write a set of directions from where you live to a place you go too regularly. It could be from where you live to school or the park.  Remember you are writing for someone who doesn’t know the area.