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Today we are going to think about what it is like to travel on an aeroplane. 

Read the story below

Now, use the sheet below to help you order the events that would happen as you travel on an aeroplane. 

Think about a holiday that you might like to go on. 


It can be anywhere in the world.  Research the place (or it might be somewhere you have already been) and complete the holiday brochure to tell others why that place is so good.  Add pictures of your brochure onto the blog so we can see your holiday destinations. 


You can use the template below or make one of your own. 

Now fill in the booking form to tell us about your preferences on the holiday

Finally, it is nearly time to go and you need to start packing! 


Use the case and the pictures below to pack your suitcase. 


You need to think about where you are going:

  • What can you do there? 
  • What type of clothes will you need?
  • Will it be warm or cold? 
  • Will you need walking shoes or flip flops? 


Use the pictures below as clues and then you can cut and stick them or you can draw your own? 

You could even use your own clothes and take a picture.