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We are learning about how to be a good friend - how can you be a good friend?

Which things do you do?

Who is your friend?


Draw a picture of them and have a go at writing their name. What sound does their name begin with?

You are starting school in September!

It can be an exciting time starting in your big school class. Your new teachers are working hard to make your classroom super exciting! Are there any questions you have about your new teacher or classroom? Tell them to a grown up and see if you can get some answers. You might want to put them on the blog and see if you get any answers.

Getting ready for September

Can you:

  • Write your name.
  • Recognise numbers 1-10.
  • Write numbers to 10.
  • Count a number of objects up to 10 or more.
  • Get yourself dressed.
  • Fasten your coat.
  • Put your own shoes on.
  • Write the letters of the alphabet.
  • Know some of the sounds we have learn in Phonics.
  • Tell a story by using the pictures to help you.
  • Think of some words that rhyme.
  • Orally segment and blend: The ball is r-e-d red. I can put my h-a-t hat on my h-ea-d head.


We hope you have a fantastic summer! 

​​​​​​​Lots of love from the Nursery Team.