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Listen to the story again to remind you what it's about.

Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson, Read Aloud Book for kids, Rhyming Story for Children

Now try some of the activities below. 


I am sure you are all missing your school friends. Can you record a message for your class and post it on the

blog for them to see? 


Can you draw a picture for your friend and post it on the blog? Don't forget to write your name on your picture so they know who has drawn it for them. 

Rainbow painting

Do you have any paint and food bags at home? Can you make your own rainbow paint? 

Have a go at writing your name using the paint bag. Can you draw a pattern in the paint? 

Number fish

Can you make your own number fish like the one above? You could make rainbow fish. 

Can you order the numbers? Can you draw the correct amount of bubbles coming out of each fishes mouth?