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Groovy Greeks

Myths are epic stories that have been passed down over the generations and often tell stories of the Greek Gods, with terrible creatures and heroic battles. For your topic learning this week, we would like you to find out about mythical creatures in Ancient Greek myths. We have learnt about some myths in class but there are lots more out there for you to find out about!


Task 1:

Use the internet to research the creatures and monsters that feature in the myths. Create a factfile (either electronically or on paper) about a mythical creature of your choice from Ancient Greece. On the poster, you need to include:

-the creatures name

-a description of their physical appearance

-who they are

-the myth they feature in

The links below will help you with your research:

Task 2:

Now you have researched some of the mythical creatures, I would like you to create your own! Draw what your creature will look like and then write a paragraph underneath describing it.

If you’re stuck use the questions below to help.

  • Will it be in human form to trick people?
  • Will it look frightening? It might have multiple heads, eyes or arms!
  • Will your creature live in isolation, like in a secluded cave, or will it roam the streets of Ancient Greece causing chaos?
  • Does your creature do terrible things?
  • Can you link your creature to a Greek myth? How could it fit into the story?
  • Wil your creature be a combination of monsters that are already in Greek myths?

Post your creatures on the blog when you are finished – I can’t wait to see what you create!

Miss Riley