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Listen to the story below again to remind you what happens.

Can you tell your grown up what your favourite part is? 

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Now can you try some of the activities below:


I want you to think about how you would feel if a tiger knocked on your door. Would you feel happy, sad, scared?! 

Can you draw a picture or make a collage of your face to show how you would feel? 

Can you write your name on your picture or face?

The girl in the story makes friends with the tiger. Who are you good friends with? Can you draw a picture of you and your friend together? Can you write your name on your picture? Do you k ow how to write any letters in your friends name? 

Share your pictures with us on the blog. 

In the story the family were very kind to the tiger. Talk to your grow ups about what it means to be kind. Can you think of things you do to be kind to others in your house and when you are at school?