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Here is our core story for this week. Have a look at the front cover. Do you know this story? Talk to your grown about the book and see if you can discuss the questions below.


What is the book called?

What can you see in the pictures?

Where is the tiger? 

What do you think with happen in the story?

How would you feel if a tiger came to your house? 

Listen to the story below and discuss what it is all about.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Have a go at some of the activities below linked to our core story. 

Can you make your own tiger? What will you use?

Can you draw a list of things you would eat if you had a friend over for a tea party?

Challenge: Have a go at writing the first sound for each of your pictures. 

If I had a tiger over for tea we would eat the foods below. Can you have a go at 'Fred Talking' (saying the sounds in each word for example j-a-m) for each of the pictures below. 
Can you create your own tea party using things in your house. Who will you invite? Can you make an invitation for someone inviting them for tea. It may be an invitation to someone who lives in your house.