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Transport in Bradford


Activity 1

Write a list of all the different types of transport or ways that you can travel in Bradford.


It has not always been like this. 


Over the years, the types of transport you could travel in has changed in Bradford. For example, at one time there were no cars!


Watch these videos about the different types of transport that people in Bradford used in the past.


Activity 2

Now write another list of transport that people used in the past. How is this list different to the first list you made?


Activity 3 

Below are some events and dates. Can you put them into the correct order of when different types of transport appeared in Bradford? The first one has been done for you.

Activity 4


Finally, match the pictures in the table below to the correct transport or place labels.


Trolley bus

Foster Square train Station

Electric tram           

Motor bus        

Jowett light car

Horse drawn tram                             

Bradford Interchange