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This week we will be looking at the life of Pablo Picasso. Pablo often said that he could draw before he could speak, a subtle hint that he would become one of the most prolific and influential artists of the modern world.

Task 1: Follow the links and read facts about the artist. You do not need to write anything down for this task but think about the following questions:

What sort of person do you think he was?

Where was he born?

Where did he live?

What sort of life do you think he had?

What else do we know about him?

Task 2: We are now going to explore one of Picasso artistic styles ‘Cubism’.

Look at the Powerpoint and read through.

Task 3: Your turn. You are now going to use what you have learnt from the research and Powerpoint to make your own cubism portrait in the style of Picasso. You have two options on how to do this.

Option 1: Free style you may use the information you have gathered on cubism and put your own creative flare in to the picture.

Option 2: If you would like some support to create your portrait, you may use the sheet below. It gives you ideas of the type of shapes you could use for each part of the face. Remember to mix it up and change shapes and sizes to make the portrait.


Please share your masterpieces on to the blog.