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Living things and their habitats 

Read the list of the key words before the presentation so you understand all of the vocabulary used. Once you have read and understood the key words, look at the presentation. There is then an activity on grouping animals for you to do. 




Biodiversity - the variety of plant and animal life in the world or in a particular habitat.

Organism - something which can grow, respire (take in oxygen), excrete (get rid of waste), reproduce and is sensitive to changes in its surroundings.

Species - particular kinds of living organisms.

Genes - tiny parts in all your cells which give you certain characteristics (e.g. colour of eyes, height, personality) and can be passed onto the next generation.

Vertebrate - animals with a backbone.

Invertebrate - animals without a backbone.


Animal sorting activity 


Once you have sorted the animals into the correct groups, see if you can add some of your own animals into the different groups. Do you have a pet? What group would your pet go into?