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The evolution of bicycles


Watch this video:


Look at the different styles of bikes in the video.

Which one did you like the most? 

Would you change anything to improve it/make it look better? 


Activity 1


Design your dream bike - Don't forget to include safety accessories too!


Can you find out what a penny farthing is?



The evolution of buses


We have all seen buses on the road and most of us have travelled on one. However, how many of us have actually looked closely at one. Click on the link below and watch this video about modern-day buses.


Buses have not always been like this. Now watch this video about the history of the London bus:





Activity 2


Now put these buses in time order from oldest to newest. You could use the videos you have just watched to help. 


Activity 3 


Create a poster. Choose and draw your favourite old and new bus then write about the things that are similar and different. 

The pictures below are an example - you can choose your own! 


Don't forget to say why they are your favourite! Are there any interesting facts you could add to your poster? 


Need more ideas?

Have a look at these websites for ideas to help you.