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Spend 10 minutes on each of these websites:


TT Rockstars: 

Spelling Shed:





Roll a die for each spelling.

If you don't have one at home ask someone to pick a number between 1-6 or use an online dice roll like this one: 



You should be getting really good at finding the change now.... 

Have a go at these challenge questions to do with money and finding the change. 


Don't forget:

We only have certain coins: 

1p 2p 5p 10p 20p 50p £1 (100p) £2 (200p)


We also have notes:

£5 £10 £20 £50 (if you're very lucky)



Maths - Finding change - Challenges



Complete a venn diagram to compare the characters in the story. 

How are they similar? - write your ideas in the middle

How are they different - write how Orion is different on the left. Write how The Dark is different on the right. 

Take some of your ideas from the venn diagram and write a sentence using a conjunction to explain how you know they are similar/different.