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Using our u_e words from yesterday, we are going to try putting them in alphabetical order. 


Use the alphabet below to help you. 

look for words that start with A first...... 

Then look for words that start with B......

Then C     and keep going until you have used all the words.


If you have 2 words that start with the same letter, look at the second letter in the word and use the alphabet to see which one comes first. 

Guided Reading


Read the text about the History of The Seaside again. 


Now you have read the text, answer these questions. 



  • Read the question
  • Find the answer in the text
  • Underline the answer
  • Write you answer.


1. Find and copy a word that means when people have a lot of money.

2. When was the railway invented?

3. What did people get changed in?

4. What was the first British seaside town called?



You have now read the story and you have put all the events into the right order. 


Can you now work on re-telling the story? 


Use your ordering from yesterday and the pictures below to help you re-tell the story out loud. 


Then, write one sentence for each picture to re-tell the events in the story. 



Capital Letters

Finger Spaces

Full Stops




Today we are going to continue practising our ordering of numbers. 



  • Tens are worth more than ones
  • Look at the numbers
  • Order the numbers using the tens
  • If they are the same, use the ones
  • Put the numbers in order. 




In RE this week, we are thinking about celebrations. In particular, we are thinking about New Year. 


What do you do at New Year to celebrate? 

Do you have a party?

Do you have a special meal? 

Do you wear party clothes? 



Write down all the things you can think of that you do to help celebrate new year. 



Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish celebration of New Year. 


On this website, go down the page to watch the video that tells you how Jews celebrate Rosh Hashanah. 

(How it is celebrated)



Now, make a list of all the things that Jews do to help them celebrate Rosh Hashanah. 


What did you have on your lists that were the same? 

What did you have that were different? 


Write some sentences to explain to me what is the same and what is different

You can use the sheet below to help you.