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Today, make sure you log onto your spelling shed and practise your spellings.


Have a look at the activity below. Look at the pictures, think about our words this week and write the word to match the image. 

Guided Reading


Read the information text about beaches. 

Answer the questions below.



Take a look at the picture below. 


Read the first page of the story. 


‘Once there was a lighthouse keeper called Mr Grinling. At night time he lived in a small white cottage perched high on the cliffs. In the day time he rowed out to his lighthouse on the rocks to clean and polish the light.’ 





  • Why do you think there is a wire running from one side of the book to the other? 
  • What is this used for?



Now, write some sentences to tell me what you think the wire is used for. 

You can think of more than one idea.  

Maths - Starter


Practise your counting in 2s by using this song. 

Counting in 2s.mp4

Still image for this video



Now we are going to practise our partitioning a different way. 

Yesterday we looked at partitioning into our tens and ones.  Today we are going to do this using the part-whole model. 


This way we can see the tens and the ones. Watch the video to help you. 

Partitioning numbers into tens and ones.mp4

Still image for this video

Now use the template below to partition these numbers using the part-whole model. 






Can you use the pictures below to see what number is missing? 


The eggs are 1s.    So, 3 eggs = 3          5 eggs = 5




This half term we are going to think about the question:

Are Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur important to Jewish children?


What is Rosh Hashanah?

Go to the website below and watch the first video. newsround/29363650




As you learnt in the video, Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish celebration of new year. 


When do you celebrate new year? 

What does a new year mean to you?

What do people think about at new year? 


Have you ever made a new year's resolution? 

What was it?


During Rosh Hashanah, people will ask themselves questions like:

  • What is the most important thing in my life?
  • What are the most meaningful and important things I have achieved in the last year?
  • What do I hope to achieve over the coming year?



Write your own answers to these questions about when you celebrate the start of a new year.