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Good Morning all! 




For our phonics today, we are going to think again about our compound words. 

Remember, a compound word is a word that is made up of 2 different words. 

We have looked at: 

foot + ball = football

farm + yard = farmyard

bed + room = bedroom


Today, think about any more compound words that you can make from 2 different words. 

Can you make 10 compound words of your own?



Today we are going to use our description skills to describe a setting for a story. 

Imagine a character has just walked into this forest.  We want to tell the readers what he/she can see. 

Write sentences to describe the things the boy/girl can see. 



Ext: What night happen to the boy/girl in the forest? 







Today we are going to look again at some of our 2D shapes. 

Use this video to help you learn about what is a side and a corner. 



Sides & Corners of different shapes.mp4

Still image for this video

Now you know what a side and corner are, take this little quiz to see how much you can remember. 



A side is a straight line

A corner is where the sides meet (the pointy bit)




Try this workout today.