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Maths - Starter - 10 x table

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Maths - Capacity


We have looked at weighing this week and using our scales to measure grams and kilograms. 


We are going to have a quick look at capacity today (volume / liquid)


Watch this clip to help you understand why measuring capacity is important.

Cartoon for Kids‼️ Finding capacity. Maths for Children.mp4

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This video measures in cups. 


Do you have any measuring jugs in your house? 


You will see that they will have different measurements on them. 


They might have litres (l)


millilitres (ml)



or even some different ones




Fill up some different containers with water and then pour the water into the measuring jug to see how much the container held. 

Which container held the most water?

Which container held the least water? 

Can you put the containers into order of smallest capacity to largest capacity?


(Remember to use the same unit of measurement each time   example     ml    or     cups)


Here I have measured out 2 containers:


     This mug measured almost 400ml


  This glass measures 300ml


I used ml (millilitres) each time to help me. I also used juice to make it easier to see. 


Which container held the most liquid? 

Which container held the least liquid? 


Now, try and see if you can measure some of your containers. 




Guided Reading

Use the text for this week to answer these questions.