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Morning Work

Go onto education city and complete some of the activities.

Practise your handwriting. 



Starter- Can you spot the mistakes in the sentences below and rewrite them correctly?

The tiger has sharp teeth catch its prey.

he likes to in water.


Watch the video about tigers again

Can you create a video fact file about tigers and ask a grown up to film it?

Then write down some facts about tigers. 

Remember to use:

Finger spaces, capital letters and full stops, spell the words carefully, use conjunctions, check your sentences. 



Starter-   100-10=    80-10=    40-10 =     30-10=    60-10=      10-10=


Using coins can you make the amounts below?

74p                61p             35p               53p        78p?



True or False

45p can be made by 20p+ 20p + 2p + 2p



Share a book with a grown up

 Today we are focusing on the special friend oe- potatoes and tomatoes.

Watch the video to learn more



Learn all about the countries that make up the UK. Can you name then? Do you know any capital cities in the UK?


Can you design and make a tiger mask?