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Spend 10 minutes on each of these websites:


TT Rockstars: 

Spelling Shed:



Use the remaining words from yesterday to write full sentences. 


Guided Reading

Using the text for this week, answer these questions


Following on from yesterday we are going to look again at Multiplication. 


We now know that we need to have equal groups to help us multiply. 


Today, we are going to look at arrays to help make sure we don't make little mistakes when multiplying. 


First we need to know this vocabulary


Row - a row goes across 


Column - a column goes down



Now have a go at these questions:

Our arrays also have to have the same amount in each row and each column. 

Each row has to be EQUAL.

Each column has to be EQUAL.


When making arrays, we have to make sure that our rows and columns are neat. 


Watch the video below to help explain how arrays help us when multiplying. 

Multiplication using arrays for

Still image for this video
Now can you write the calculations to go with Eva's array?

Can you draw arrays to match the questions below? 


5 x 3 = 


2 x 8 = 


6 x 4 = 


5 x 6 = 


7 x 2 = 


10 x 1 = 

Arrays are used to show our multiplication. 

This is also the same as adding the rows altogether. 




5 x 3 =                                 3 x 5 =



5 + 5 + 5 = 15                       3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 15

Can you now write the addition calculations to go with your arrays?