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Morning Work

Please play some of the educational games. Remember your login is in your blue book.



Watch the story again  ‘The Rainbow Fish'

Draw a story map of what happens and add labels. Then retell the story orally to a grown up.

Think about:

How does the story start?

What is the problem?

How is the problem solved?

How does the story end?



Starter-Practise counting 2p coins.  How many have you got altogether?

Use 2 numbers below. Compare them using the symbools > greater than, < less than and = equals to.

For example  56 > 23

45     23       20 +3              78       12          99        13     10 +2


Phonics/ Reading

Share a book together.

Read the word on the banana, give the banana to the monkey with the same pronunciation.  For example what and was. The a in these words is making an o sound. 



A fantastic resource to develop your Yoga skills!


Have a great day!

Miss Shaw and Miss Hopkins