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Spend 10 minutes on each of the websites below: 

TT Rockstars

Spelling shed


Quick recall of the 6 times table


Use your times table poster to learn your 6 times table. Get someone to test you on each question in a different order. If you are working on your own, use the cover and check approach that we use when we are learning our spellings. Keep going until you can recall the 6 times table quickly yes



Lesson 2 - Tenths as decimals


Make sure you are looking at lesson 2 - tenths as a decimal. Watch the video to show you the explanation. On the activity sheet, answer questions 1-5. Use the link below.





Write some sentence using conjunctions about the Egyptian Cinderella story. 

Use the conjunctions: so, but, although, whilst, if, because. 

Remember to use a range of conjunctions and sentence types smiley

E.g, Whilst Rhodopis was washing the clothes in the river, the servant girls were on their way to the party.