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Thursday 11th June

Choose a character from the Wishgranter and complete the role on the wall. You could make your own English display like we used to have in class if you like! 


When you have completed the role on the wall with the feelings, characteristics and features of your character, use it to write a short paragraph about that character. Share this on the blog. We look forward to reading them!

As always, use your knowledge from the last couple of days to answer these questions. They do get trickier as you work through them so try your best. We've attached them as both word and PDF's so don't panic- you don't have to do them twice!



Draw Usain Bolt and choose words from the text to describe him. You could use the role on the wall from English as a starting point!

We are continuing with a Geography focus this half term and are going to be focusing on Clayton! The first task for you to do is complete the document with what you know already about Clayton and what you would like to find out. We've only added a couple of examples of things you could write - you will all know Clayton better than us! Share your facts and questions on the blog- we can't wait to read them!