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Can you find all the words in our word search. 

As you find each word, use it to write a sentence.  Remember to use your best handwriting when you are writing your sentences. 






Today we are going to think a little bit about moving up to year 2. 


I am sure that there is lots you would like to know about your new teacher.  They also want to know lots about you. 


Write down some facts about yourself that you could tell your new teacher. 


Use the questions below to help you write some notes. 


What is your favourite food?

What is your favourite TV program? 

Who is your favourite character? 

What is your favourite book / story? 

Who do you live with at home? 

What is your favourite lesson at school? 

What is your least favourite lesson at school? 

Who are your friends? 

What games do you like to play?



This week you have already learnt how to find half of a shape. 


Now, we are going to look at finding a quarter. 


If half is folding the shape to make 2 parts, how many do you think you are making if you are finding quarters? 


Watch the video to help you. 



Fractions Year 1 - Finding Quarters of Shapes.mp4

Still image for this video

Now you know that a quarter is when we split a shape into 4 equal parts. 


Use the shapes below, or draw your own. 

Cut them out and then fold them into quarters. 


Guided Reading. 


This week, you are going to pick the books / texts you read. 


Choose a book each day and write a review on the book. 


Say what it is about, what you like about it and if you would recommend it to your friends. 


Use the templates below to help you.  You could use one for all your reviews or use a different one each day.