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Take a look at the words below and sort them into the right buckets.  

Don't forget to add your own words. 




Today we are going to think a little bit about moving up to year 3. 


I am sure that there is lots you would like to know about your new teacher.  They also want to know lots about you. 


Write down some facts about yourself that you could tell your new teacher. 


Use the questions below to help you write some notes. 


What is your favourite food?

What is your favourite TV program? 

Who is your favourite character? 

What is your favourite book / story? 

Who do you live with at home? 

What is your favourite lesson at school? 

What is your least favourite lesson at school? 

Who are your friends? 

What games do you like to play?

Yun and the Ice Spirit

Why is it safe for Yun to cut the magic ropes? 


Explain how you know. 



What did Yun use to destroy the Ice Spirit? 




Today we are going to use some of the skills that we have looked at this week in different problems. 


These problems will have 2 steps. 


This means that you will have to do 2 things. 


You might have to add some amounts and then add some more




You might have to take an amount away and then take another away




You might have to add some amounts together and then spend some money (so take some away)



Read the questions really carefully to find ut what you have to do. 


If you are struggling.  Try acting this out with some coins and some objects to help you.