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Today we are going to use the word we have been learning this week to put them in alphabetical order. 


Look for the words that start with A, then B then C......




Guided Reading


Now that we have read our text a couple of times, we are going to see how much we have learnt or can remember. 


  • Read the question below
  • Go back and find the answer in the text 
  • Then write your answer. 



Today you are going to finish writing your story about the animal stealing your character's food. 


  • Read what you write yesterday
  • Look at your plan and story map
  • Think about: 
    • Who tries to steal the food?
    • How do they try to steal the food? 
    • How does your character solve their problem? 
    • Does your character get to eat their lunch? 


Don't forget: Capital Letters, Finger Spaces, Full Stops. 



Look at the 3D shapes and the names

Match up the shape and its name.

We are going to have a go at a multi-problem question today. 


Take a look at the question below. 

Make sure you try all the different questions. 





In the video last week, Yom Kippur was mentioned

Can we remember what that is? 


Watch the video on Yom Kippur


If you could ask for forgiveness, 

What would you want forgiveness for? 

Why is forgiveness important? 


Write a few sentences to explain what you would want forgiveness for and why forgiveness is important.