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The Problem with Palm Oil

Have you ever heard of Palm Oil? Palm Oil comes from Palm Oil trees and is used in lots of everyday products that you probably wouldn’t even realise.

But what is the problem with that? Watch the video to find out more:

Protect Paradise: An Animation about Palm Oil

From the video, we know that unstainable palm oil is causing problems: forest habitats are being lost, animals are losing their homes and carbon is being released into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming. So how does this link to Chester Zoo? Well, Chester Zoo are working with all their partners to promote the use of sustainable palm oil. If the palm oil is sustainable, this means that it is grown and traded so it does not have a negative effect on the planet or the animals. Chester Zoo have now made Chester the world’s first ‘Sustainable Palm Oil City’.


Click the link below to visit Chester Zoo’s website and find out more about their palm oil pledge and what you can do.


1) Now you know that you should be using sustainable palm oil to help protect wildlife, investigate the products in your house to see if they contain palm oil and whether it is sustainable. Use the sheet below to help you record your findings.

2) Many people are still unaware of the devastating effects non-sustainable palm oil can have. Use either the template below, paper or a computer to create a poster explaining why we should use sustainable palm oil. You might want to research the animals that it effects so you can name them on your poster, as well as companies who do promote sustainable palm oil to encourage us to buy their products. Share your posters on the blog when you have finished!

3) Below is a wordsearch with vocabulary connected to palm oil. Can you find them all?