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The Natural History Museum

A Virtual Visit to The Natural History Museum


This week we are going to go on a virtual visit to the Natural History Museum. Miss Walters and Mrs Freibach are very excited about the trip! Here are our excited faces!


There are several links below that you can click on to find virtual tours and activities linked to the museum. You can choose when you do each activity. You might want to start with the virtual tours on Monday and then look at the other activities over the rest of the week. It is up to you.

We would love you to share what you have been up to on the blog and we hope that some of you will create some videos or power points and email them to so they can go on a special blog for us all to see. Tell us about what you have been up to, which parts you enjoyed the most and why and post lots of photos to make us smile. 


Have fun!


Miss Walters & Mrs Freibach xx