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Read the story starter below:

Despite being an incredibly brave, strong, life–saving phenomenon, even Superman had problems. He still loved his job; he still loved saving lives. Today he had already prevented many catastrophes, flying after a jumbo jet full of passengers that had been plummeting towards the earth at tremendous speed. Just before lunch, Superman had swooped in front of a moving truck to save a lost kitten. However, now…Superman needed help. He picked up his phone and began to dial…


What could Superman’s problem be? Who might he be calling for help?



Continue the story. You might choose to write up to the problem and then leave it on a cliff-hanger, or you may like to write the whole story.

Remember to include your descriptive sentences about Superman and parenthesis in your story.

Post your story on the blog once you have finished. I can’t wait to find out who is calling for help! Miss Riley